Artistic Expressions
by Grizel

35 Years Experience

(702) 355-4410

A Child's Delight!

A very happy little girl grew up with bedroom walls adorned by flowers and bees, and a little pixie that looked just like her.

This same wall could have included cartoon action figures, a NASCAR driver or a favorite sports or movie star. Your (and your child's) imagination can be reflected on bedroom or recreation room walls.

Free hand art work such as these walls generally takes Grizel two visits to paint over existing wall colors, or a third trip to change base colors. The murals presented below (click on them for a larger view) were lovingly painted with oils.

To explore your ideas for your son's or daughter's walls, call Grizel at (702) 355-4410 to discuss them.

Click On Any Photo Below For A Larger Image of Sample Children's Murals

Child's Wall Mural - Winnie the Poo
Angel Sitting on a Flower
Winnie the Poo Beach Scene Beach Scene Mural
Sponge Bob Square Pants Children's Mural
Little Girl's Quilted Art Landscape Mural
Girl's Bedroom Floral Mural
The Angels Watch a Little Girl - A Mural
Child's Disney Storybook Wall Mural
Little Girl's Bedroom Wall Mural with Her Puppy
Cinderella's Chariot Wall Mural
Boy's Spaceship Wall Mural
Bathroom Wall Underwater Scene Mural
SpongeBob and Friends Mural on Little Boy's Wall
Tree Grows on Play Room Ceiling and Wall
Disney Characters Make a Window Frame
Child's Bedroom Wall Dinosaur Mural

Delight your son or daughter with a custom mural on the wall of a bedroom, recreational room, rumpus room or play room.

Murals can be based on a Disney theme, childhood fantasy charactor or sports or action figure. The only limitation on colors or effects for your walls is your imagination. Give Grizel a call with your ideas and she can exceed your wildest expectations.

All work you see was performed personally by Grizel of Artistic Expressions, Co. The photos you see here area but a small sample of her potfolio of childrens' murals for delighted customers. Click on any of the smaller photos on the sides of this page for an enlarged view.

Call Grizel at (702) 355-4410 to discuss your ideas to get a quote and schedule Grizel's magic for your child's bedroom!

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