Artistic Expressions
by Grizel

35 Years Experience

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Grizel's Picture at HofBrau Haus

Hello, my name is Grize'l.

First, a note of thanks to you for visiting with me.

If you happen to be a fellow artist, young or old, I hope to inspire you to go out and paint!!! Paint like nobody is watching, for you need to do it!!!

I grew up in Havana, Cuba, and with my parents' encouragement to paint my walls in my room, and never got in trouble for painting the rest of the walls at home. They saw what made me 'tick', and they let me have at it. Now I am married to a great guy who does the same thing, so....

Here I am: born an artist and still at it!

Each project is different, each customer is unique and I love them all !!! Please feel free to look around my website and see a small selection of the projects I completed. Call me at (702) 355-4410 if you have questions or ideas!

I am very happy that you spotted me in traffic driving my black truck, or found me by surfing the net. I will encourage you to shop a little longer with other artists and painters, but I want you to come back to me when you are ready, because I know you will be happy with my work:

  • I make samples that I keep but don't charge for.
  • I give free estimates, because I can.
  • I generally get the feel of what the customer needs and what doesn't.
  • I will not paint something that doesn't go with you or your home... period
  • With paint I bring interiors to life.

Customers find me and let me know what they need. I can give them many ideas if they need suggestions.

Commercial customers are great, I walk in and they see only me and ask where are her people? I use the best helpers there are. Other painters come in and do my base color for me because they are great at it and they need to make a living also.

When it comes down to artwork, I have no mercy, it has to look like my best work, or it doesn't fly. I work hard long hours and call it play time because I look up and hours seem like minutes. Sometimes it feels like the world is on fast forward when I stop for the day. I find myself asking the customer if it looked like I was working at all, because I enjoy my work so much that I just don't like to quit. I can't leave it alone.

I have a portrait I am working on for my own satisfaction. Yes, I love doing portraits. I did them first in my life. I use oils on canvas because oils are my first for everything painted.

I do not boast of any awards or medals, for I get a medal every time I finish a job from the smile on my customer's face.

I offer my sincerest Thank You to those who allowed me to enter their world and let me become their tool of Expression. I always remember those who have helped me.

I Thank God for my family, my on-going, growing talent. and of course for you, hopefully my next customer.

Thank You for visiting.


Your Artist


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